It is difficult to find another city in the United States with as many erotic massage parlors as New York, and there is a reason why. In New York City everyone can find and choose the most suitable form of erotic massage among a great variety of forms including Lingam, Tantra, Yoni, Eso, Nuru, and prostate massages.

erotic massage

Erotic massageMaximum pleasure, freedom of choice and only the best types of massage is a program that includes various massage programs.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage has been popular in many countries since ancient times. In the end, it allows a person to achieve harmony with himself, improve his psychological state and health. When this erotic massage was the exclusive privilege of kings and aristocrats. But now you can afford such a rest. Experience the art of passion and sexuality on your own experience. Today we invite you to the world of pleasure and relaxation in the studio of erotic massage in New York. Here you will be away from all problems and can afford to completely relax. In our salon there is a special atmosphere, which, of course, every visitor will appreciate. A cozy and at the same time intriguing situation, soft light and large mirrors in the rooms — all this will help you get the most pleasure from the session. Nothing superfluous, everything is done so that you can fully concentrate on your feelings.

We closely monitor the health of our beautiful girls, the condition of the rooms, which are cleaned after each visitor, are disinfected and treated with a bactericidal lamp. For each visitor, a disposable set of personal hygiene is used, which the girl opens before the beginning of the erotic massage. Your health and safety is first of all our guarantee that you will come to us again.

Erotic massage for a man in New York is not only a sea of bodily and spiritual pleasure, but also complete secrecy in the interests of our guests. After all, guaranteed confidentiality is one of our basic rules. Each of our guests is accompanied by a delightful masseuse in the walls of the salon, so the probability of meeting someone is zero. We are waiting for you men who know the feeling of pleasure in paradise and the true beauty of the female body.

We work on the principle: we have only good, well-groomed and accurate masters. The site contains only real photos of our masters. If the fault of the girl you were dissatisfied with the service, if the massage program was not performed, as indicated in the price list, we will refund your money. We do not disturb our guests by sending and sending SMS messages without their consent. All our girls have sanitary books, courteous staff, occupational masters, high standards of service, we accept payment cards, appreciate your time and money. The program of massage lasts exactly as indicated in the price list. All information about our guests is strictly classified. With us you are safe, all guests are provided with disposable personal hygiene products.

Erotic massage NYC

Erotic massage NYC.

Welcome to our relax salon in New York, in a convenient location, away from prying eyes. On the way to us, you will not see neon signs or signposts. Just call and our administrator will explain to you how to get to us. After you visit us, you will become more than a client for us. We want to treat you as a friend, on a repeat visit to the formalities still remain, but in an open and warm form.

To optimize the provision of services, you can leave your suggestions for providing services in the forum section on our website.

We guarantee the best relaxation! In exceptional cases, if there are reasonable complaints and problems during the visit, please let the administrator know about it. In case of justified complaints, you will receive a discount or, if applicable, be exempt from any payment. Sessions of Erotic relaxation, create positive thoughts and harmonious mood.

Requirements for visiting the salon:

All our employees will treat you with respect. During the relaxation session, do not ask the girl to provide sexual services, despite the fact that they are politely refused, in case you insist your visit can be terminated without refund. We offer only rest and relaxation.

Erotic massage in NYC is a combination of various manipulations aimed at intimate areas of the human body, which in this case do not assume intimacy. Massage not only calms, but also stimulates sexual desire, because erotic massage relaxes only the body, and feelings on the contrary, exacerbated.

Similar manual procedures, in addition to physical pleasure, are also useful in solving some problems, such as:

  1. Weakened potency;
  2. Headaches and muscle pains;
  3. Nervous disorders, and the like.

Our beauties will lift you to the peak of bliss, but without traditional sex. He is not on the list of services. We offer you not just a massage for men, but interesting and exciting programs. Fantastically sexy girls will involve you in an erotic and passionate game show.

All Types of Erotic massage NYC.

All Types of Erotic massage NYC.

We provide a large list of erotic massage in New York that we do in the salon. Here are a few of them:

Erotic Sexual massage

It is designed to relieve muscle tension, headache, nervous breakdown, etc. In addition, it helps to overcome acquired complexes and restore sexuality.

Erotic Sensual massage

It consists of several massage methods: tingling, circular and kneading movements performed by the side surface of the thumbs and the tips of the other fingers.

Erotic Fascinating massage

To awaken sexuality and normalize the hormonal balance, and improve relations with the partner. It is performed in conjunction with manipulation of the whole body, holding the person in an excited state for a long time. This process is useful for those who do not get satisfaction from ordinary sex.

Erotic Tantric massage

This is one of the directions of Indian yoga. The main feature of the ritual is massage of the genitals. Also all erogenous zones are stimulated. Massaging manipulations are performed by naked bodies using oils and incense.

Erotic massage. Without intimacy, but … it does not seem more intimate!
Erotic massage intima as such does not mean. These complex methods are based on stimulating the human erogenous zones and ending the session with a completely logical erotic ending, but strictly without sexual contact. This nuance gives the erotic massage even more special appeal and charm. Feelings are unique!

Erotic massage NY

Erotic massage NY

Erotic massage in NY — for the most delicate and unusual taste. We have prepared for you an extensive «menu» of intimate delicacies (from Thai massage to exotic entertainment!). Try, relish, enjoy!

The dream of many men, which is almost not feasible in ordinary family life is an erotic massage with a sequel. And all because the intimate affinity of partners does not imply a thoughtful, unhurried, done qualitatively and with feeling, preliminary excitation of erogenous zones. Erotic massage is a special procedure, the fulfillment of which can be entrusted to a loved one or a professional. The implementation of such a procedure for a man is a particularly difficult task, since men are very quickly excitable and extremely impatient with long preludes.

In the conditions of rapid urban life, each of us urgently needs the services of a professional masseur. In the huge metropolis of the country — NY, where an endless series of problems and stressful situations occurs at every turn, regular relaxation is simply necessary.

Erotic massage Manhattan.

Erotic massage Manhattan.

Masseurs working in our erotic salon in Manhattan come to each guest individually, performing an erotic massage for men with a sequel, so it’s simply impossible to give up a wonderful massage. This unique procedure, which you can never erase from memory, and the feeling of gentle touches to every part of the body — from head to toe, will make you forget everything in the world. This intimate massage with a continuation resembles the usual, classical, but only it is carried out on erogenous zones.

Relaxing friction with an erotic adventure is, of course, not sex. No one will give it up! And if this is done by a thin, charming masseuse with a playful look, then the session quickly turns into a sexual holiday. And when he comes to the end, often the client of the club exclaims: «I want more! I want a massage with a sequel! «Yes, it’s understandable, no one wants to leave this amazing holiday so quickly. And then the masseuse will continue the soft movement of the palms along the relaxed back, her touch will gradually grow into passionate embraces and caresses.

Often there are times when the fountain of passion is warmly supported by another masseuse. And then the massage session with the continuation turns into an intimate fireworks of climaxes. At the end of such an erotic massage a bright, colorful physical discharge always comes.

Although the main guests of our erotic salon are men, quite often here you can meet ladies in need of rest, and even couples.

Erotic massage Queens

Erotic massage Queens

The male body for many girls is a closed book, which must be studied insanely long and with incredible difficulty. According to the prevailing view, it is the girl’s mill that is more submissive and responsive to caresses, and almost everyone knows about the female point G. And how much do we learn about the existence of the male point of the G-one Can excite a person in a second? Not so much as most men would like: so desirable caresses in the prostate gland are most often found with strong sex only in fantasies. But rather empty dreams: in the salon of erotic massage in Queens, any fantasy becomes a reality!

The technique of erotic massage in Queens is not the property of our generation: ancient people used in their intimate games tools such as modern intimate toys. Even then the masseurs knew how to bring maximum pleasure to a person and lead him to euphoria through professional massage. The use of massage allows maximum stimulation of the most sensitive point of the male body: the piercing movements of the masseuse give the mind-blowing sensations that exploded in your head with the help of hundreds of fireworks.

Around the erotic massage there is a lot of gossip: although this technique is one of the most enjoyable for the male body, some men have never tried to use this kind of attachment in intimate games. Erotic massage will help bring diversity to the intimate life and cause interest in unusual methods of massage — after such an exciting program you will want to again and again discover a world of bliss and euphoria.

Erotic massage NJ.

Erotic massage NJ.

What could be better at the end of the working day than an amazing session of intimate caresses with a charming coquette? Erotic salon in NJ invites you to enjoy an erotic massage for men: around the clock, the most charming girls selflessly give pleasure to visitors. You can try a professional erotic massage, as well as other exotic programs of our institution.

Allow yourself to feel all the charm of an intimate vacation — a mysterious atmosphere, enticing twilight, stupefying aromas will help every man tune into a playful way and easily trust the experienced hands of masseuses. We are pleased to take you to the seventh heaven of bliss: all your desires will be fulfilled!

Erotic massage NJ.

Erotic massage Midtown

The salon of erotic massage in the center of the city understands exactly what the modern rhythm of life means. Therefore, we offer you, our dear men — Erotic massage with the best girls from Midtown. You can choose a program to your liking, consisting only of the erotic part.

Thanks to our girls you can swim in the ocean of love and warmth, forgetting about the problems of the modern world. A wave of passion and desire, half an hour after the start of the massage will help you forget about the fatigue that accumulated during the day.


Are you looking for a good alternative to your usual entertainment? Our massage salon in NYC offers you to try an erotic massage with unforgettable sensations. Do your body and mind need something new and extraordinary? We have an awesome thing for you: try an erotic massage with our beautiful and slim masseuses!

erotic massage in New York

Try our erotic massages and appreciate our best masseuses!

When people talk about erotic massage, many experience trembling all over the body, while other people associate these words just with many pleasant sensations that they themselves experienced in the past. Why do people react so emotionally to erotic massages? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.




20+ happy-ending PROGRAMS





Try our erotic massages and appreciate our best masseuses!

Are you tired of your ordinary life and are thinking of changing it up? We have a brilliant idea for you: try our erotic massages and appreciate our best girls!

Erotic massage price

Our parlor offers a more favorable price/quality ratio than other massage parlors do. As everyone is well aware, a high-quality service can not be cheap. Our erotic massage service is no exception. Thus, our massage prices and the quality of the service that we provide are closely correlated.

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700


Massage rates

NURU 4 Hands

incall: 30 mins — $400

incall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 60 min — $800

outcall: 90 min — $1200


Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700


Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 90 min — $500

outcall: 120 min — $700

Erotic massage in NYC

There are many fans of erotic massage in the city of New York. Many residents of the city regularly practice erotic massage, pursuing primarily therapeutic or prophylactic goals. However, there are numerous groups of people who order erotic massage in massage salons for fun or to relieve stress after a hard day's work.

Erotic massages and sex

Is it right to identify sex and erotic massages? To answer this question, we should consider the main functions of erotic massage.

Erotic massages and sex

Like ordinary people, the laws of different countries have a different attitude to erotic massages, too. In many countries of the world, erotic massages are equated with sex and are prohibited by law.

erotic massage escort


We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.

Try our erotic massages and appreciate our best masseuses!

People’s attitude to erotic massages is known to be ambiguous. Some people believe that erotic massage is just sex, while others believe that erotic massage is a treatment procedure that has nothing to do with sex at all.

Other countries, including the United States, have more liberal policies regarding erotic massages. In the USA, as you know, erotic massages are not considered sex and are allowed.

Experience new extraordinary sensations with the best erotic massages!

Erotic massage is considered a rather exotic type of massage and thrill-seekers often book this type of massage in order to experience something new, unusual, and extraordinary and diversify their ordinary lives.

In New York, many people — lovers of erotic massage, create their own communities on social media in order to exchange their opinions, experiences and feelings with other fans of erotic massage.

Such an increased demand for erotic massage services gives rise to numerous offers of local massage parlors. In New York, you can currently come across many offers of erotic massage services from massage parlors.

You should not forget that the erotic massage service is quite expensive. However, its benefits fully compensate for material costs. Indeed, the person who ordered the erotic massage service receives not only benefits for his body, but also pleasure.

The most crucial functions of erotic massage

Firstly, it is nice to note that one of the main functions of erotic massage is therapeutic. Erotic massage is very effective in a number of mental illnesses.

First of all, massage is widely used as a convenient and effective remedy against stressful conditions and tensions. In addition, erotic massage has been successfully and long used to eliminate the pain effect.

Secondly, erotic massage is widely used as an effective and convenient prophylactic. Thanks to erotic massage, a great number of mental and somatic diseases can be prevented.

Erotic massage is relatively rarely used in contemporary medicine as the only effective means of treating and / or preventing certain diseases. In practice, doctors recommend using erotic massage as an effective additional tool.

By the way, many people use erotic massage as an alternative to contemporary medical methods. It is difficult to say whether such an approach is correct, but it’s obvious that erotic massage can never harm human health.

As for the diseases of the human sexual sphere, erotic massage is one of the main and effective methods of treating diseases of this group. Any doctor is sure to confirm the above conclusion.

What are the types of massage?

I would divide the massage into 4 types: relaxingtonicerotic, and wellness. There are many massage techniques that are used all over the world.

Relax fully with the best erotic massages ever from our massage salon!

Looking to try an erotic massage and thinking of which salon in NYC could give you what you really need? We know the right answer to your question. Our salon is what you need.

Contact our managers and book an erotic massage service as soon as possible. Thanks to a huge range of comely and slender masseuses who work in our salon, your choice of the girl you find the best is bound to be easy and quick.

Our salon has been providing massage services to New Yorkers for many years. Over the years, we have managed to accumulate great successful experience working with a wide range of clients. Massage is a specific area where it is impossible to get high quality without competent consideration of all-round factors.


One of our main rules is the maximum possible consideration of the interests of our customers. The client thinks the ordered massage great only if the massage fully meets his needs, desires, and tastes.

Of course, massage prices also mean a lot. Thanks to the fact that erotic massage is one of our priority services, our salon features flexible prices for erotic massages. Moreover, we are always ready to give considerable discounts to all regular visitors to our massage salon.

High-quality erotic massages from our salon in NYC

We are always at your services! Among hundreds of massage salons and parlors in NYC, ours features:

— Solid and friendly team of professional employees who love and know how to give our customers what they really need.

— Highly experienced and skilled masseuses who perfectly master a great number of the best massage techniques.

— Flexible schemes of work that fully meets our customers’ desires and tastes.

— All massage accessories such as rooms, gels, oils, towels, soaps and the like, necessary for all massage sessions to be done at the highest level.

— Slim and beautiful masseuses you can always count on in terms of the perfect massage you expect.

— Lots of popular and rare types of massages on our salon pricelist allow you easily and quickly to pick the one you find the best.

If you are interested in erotic massage, then don’t hesitate to visit our salon and book this wonderful service right now. Our attractive and highly skilled girls are bound to give you what you really need!

We are looking forward to meeting you in our massage salon!




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135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
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17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

Midtown address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

Uptown address

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

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